Big Data

Huge enterprise structures captures tons of memory for precious data. Data is primarily divided into three categories include potential or loyal customers, suppliers, and operations. Machines are storing tons of data and people using computers, smartphones, tablets and other electronic devices in order to access the data. The magnitude of the numbers around big data gets astounding. For companies to stay relevant and competitive they need to maximize the data’s transformational power. Data transformation leads to anticipating market demands, predict business outcomes, and respond to events in real time.

BrainSurface integrate with big data solution providers like Hadoop and SAP HANA using their GoMobile platform. The company will help customers to capture, store, correlate, analyze, search, visualize, and share data across the organization. Customers will also be provided with a big data solution which incorporates big data analytics, comprehensive data governance, data management, visual analytics with reports, and flexible deployment models that can be specifically tailored to suit the customers’ needs.